All About Self Storage

The first self storage in the UK appeared in the late 1970s; since then, thousands have been built all over the country and there's probably one near you.

What Is Self Storage?

If you are looking for self storage petersfield and most other UK towns and cities have several options.

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A self storage facility rents out extra space to an individual or a company, allowing them to store their extra belongings there. Most rent by the month, although you can often get a longer lease if you need it, and most storage facilities allow the renter access at any time. When you rent one, you'll be given a key or key card that opens the gates to the facility, as well as a key that opens your specific storage unit.

Safe and Secure

Most facilities are well lit, secure and safe to use, even at night; many have a 24 hour security guard on duty. Storage unit sizes vary; the typical unit is about the size of a small shed and allows the safe storage of furniture, papers, work materials, or anything else. With self storage Petersfield residents and anyone else can access their unit at any time of the day or night, and the 24 hour access makes them ideal for anyone who works inconvenient hours or may need to access their unit at short notice.

Why You Might Need Self Storage

Most of us have stuff in our homes that doesn't seem to belong anywhere, yet needs to be kept and a storage unit is an easy, practical and affordable way to keep that stuff somewhere, whether it's furniture, paintings, carpet, tools or just odds and ends. If you own your own home business, and have a constant turnover of inventory, a storage unit can be the ideal solution. And if you are selling your home and need to get rid of excess furniture and stuff to make your home appear as spacious as possible, a short term storage rental solves that problem. Renovating your home may mean the temporary use of a storage unit, and they are also ideal for storing small vehicles, bikes, caravans and sports equipment.

Choosing a Self Storage Unit

Look for one that is close to your home, especially if you anticipate using it regularly. A facility that is in a safe and quiet neighbourhood is something to look for, as well as one that's secure, with fencing, an alarm system, proper lighting and 24 security. It's possible to find online reviews and comments about your local storage facility, as it is with any other business. Make sure the unit size is adequate for your storage needs, although you don't want to pay more for a larger space than you need. Look at the small print before you sign anything; make sure the unit allows 24 hour access, although most do. And if you only need it for a short time, make sure you don't get locked into a six month or yearly rental contract.